Bible Study

Reading the Bible by yourself can be a difficult experience. Bible study is a time to gather with people in our community to study and share the word of God as told by our Savior Jesus Christ and his disciples. We have a bible study to fit any age group; children, youth or adults. Children’s bible study is done through arts and crafts, music, and stories presented at thier level that will start the foundation of their growing curiosity about the bible. The youth group uses a rodeo style of learning about the word of God by showing how we need Jesus in all aspects of our everyday life. We have two adult Bible Studies. wednesday evening and sunday morning. In other words, to do god’s will, me must study his word. in this way we learn of his commandments and come to love him more. Mattrew 22:37

Please Join us for Adult Bible study

Wednesday @ 6:30 pm at the Church Offcie


Sunday Morning at the Elementary School
@ 8:15 am